Ophiocordyceps – Anthropocene (CD)

Ophiocordyceps – Anthropocene (CD)

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Ophiocordyceps – Anthropocene

Amputated Vein Records 2023


1 Alien Rapture On Large Scale With Attempts Of Administration Of Fecal Herpes By Oral And Subcutaneous Insertions Of Biomechanical Material In Order To Extract Human's Nitrogenous Bases Sequences 3:04
2 Mass Sacrificial Ritual On The Tophet Of Moloch For The Transmigration Of Human Waste To Be Reused As Fertilizer For The Terraforming Of The Multiverse 3:55
3 Nuclear Fusion Reaction Induced By The Thermal Motion Of Ions In The Nucleus Of A Star Body On The Limit Of The Horizon Of Events 3:56
5 Infinite Echo Of The Vibration Of Death That Is Propagated In The Unknown With A Perpetual Motion On An Inclined Plane 3:39
6 Rejection Of Neutrons And Radioactive Decay Of Organic Particles Exposed To Contaminated Resources 3:48
7 Psychodysleptic Syndrome For Ingestion Of Panaeolus With Behavioral Paranoid Schizophrenia 3:43
8 Practical Application Of The Behavioral Sink Theory On The Human Population Without Limits Of Misery And Vice 2:36
9 Results From Intravenous Administration Of Genetic Material And Protein Of Different Cerebral Viruses And Parasites 3:04
10 Nothing In The Void 2:48