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Sirrush was born in 2007 by the current singer and co-composer Otagron.

After some time, he meets Adranor, leader of the band Heruka, with whom he immediately got in tune and in 2011 they compose their first EP entitled '' The Era of Ishtar ''.

It is a 6-track EP that through an analogy between the goddess Ishtar and terrestrial nature tells of how both benevolent and generous and at the same time perfidious and destructive can be, all accompanied by arcane and melodic notes.

After completing the line-up consisting of Otagron on vocals, Adranor on guitar, Alastor on bass and B.beast on drums, they presented their EP in live performances, enriching their presence on stage more and more over the years through costumes, tricks and games of fire that recreated a real macabre atmosphere inside the stage.

Subsequently, B.beast left the band and his place was taken by Sculptor of Flesh, at the time drummer of the band Blasphemer.

Due to some changes in the line-up, the group decided to take a long break. In this time frame, Otagron focused himself on the study of the guitar, which allowed him to develop interesting ideas for a new work under the name Sirrush.

During this period he also met Tiyris, a skilled guitarist who, finding interesting the project and the first drafts developed for the new work, decided to join the band and participate in the composition of the album.

Tiyris' style was definitely more technical, but matched perfectly with Otagron's more atmospheric one. Adranor then switched to bass and Davide Billia (Hour of Penance, Anthropofagus, Septycal Gorge) was taken as guest drum.

Thus was born their first full-lenght "Molon Labe", an album consisting of 9 songs about a concept story set in Ancient Greece in the period of the famous Second Persian War (480 BC - 479 BC) where the tyrant king Xerxes, for his divine lust and power, he threatened the conquest of all Greece which was opposed by the courage of the Greek soldiers who, by rebelling, obtained the victory.

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