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Early in 2010 Filip Danielsson (vocals) and Oscar Krumlinde (drums) were planning to form a musical project that was set to explore the brutality of the extreme metal scene. In september that same year the band’s first lineup came together with Sebastian Wedholm (guitar), Pedram Khatibi Shahidi (guitar) and Roni Iivonen (bass) to release the first demo called "Necrosis" in 2011 under the name "In Reverence".

The sound that came to life was a fusion of deathcore and deathmetal with an atmospheric touch. Feeling uneasy with the sound being a touch of deathcore, Roni Iivonen soon decided to leave the band after the demo. He was replaced by Dennis Morgun for the recording of the bands next release: the debut EP named "Hallucination" that the band released by themselves in 2012 with a sound similar to that of the demo.

A year after the "Hallucination" EP, the band started fragmenting yet again. Dennis and Sebastian left the band and the three remaining; Pedram, Oscar and Filip decided it was in the bands best interest to change the musical direction to a more death metal oriented style. Thus it was decided and Pedram took on the new role as songwriter and lyricist for the next release.

It was set to be the debut full-length album named "The Selected Breed" which was recorded at Wing Studios by the hands of the mighty Sverker Widgren (DIABOLICAL, DEMONICAL, CENTINEX).

Pedram Khatibi Shahidi: Guitars, Oriental instruments, Lyrics
Filip Danielsson: Vocals
Oscar Krumlinde: Drums
Joakim Antman: Session bass

This line-up came to mark a complete rebirth and restart of In Reverence. Combining dissonant guitars, heavy death metal riffs, mystical melodies, oriental instruments and apocalyptic lyrics together with the old familiar atmospheric touch in a 9 song album, “The Selected Breed” would become the new face of In Reverence.

This time it took the face of a much more aggressive and energetic band than ever before with a newfound drive to push it beyond.

This all was completed by Billy Lundevall and Patrik Tegnander who did an excellent job for the artwork and layout for “The Selected Breed” and Sandra Thulin Photography who did an awesome job with the band pictures.


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