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Hladomrak (Хладомрак) can be translated from the Slavic languages as "cold darkness". The band was forged in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. Starting out as a one man band, Evgenerator recorded and released the first self titled album on his own in 2013. In 2017 came the second full-length, Arctic Hysteria, this time with a complete line-up. Where the first release stood out as more of a straight forward Black Metal attack, Arctic Hysteria introduced songs with a wider sound, open riffs and heavier drumming. The 2018 EP Inner Death, which stands out as the most renowned release to date, shows a deeper fusion of outside elements into the black metal landscape.

Since the beginning the idea about the music has been to create black metal that's succumbed by nature's cold, raw, unrelenting essence, presented in a professional- and well produced manner. The music draws inspiration from everything within nature that’s not touched or contaminated by mankind’s presence. The base of the lyrics derive from the concept of Hladomrak, nowadays forged with
Fall Division-Luciferianism. Today the band is a three-piece of dedicated musicians holding Hladomrak as their only priority.

The band has now entered a collaboration with Non Serviam Records for the new full-length album, ARCHAIC SACRIFICE.

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