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GRIFFAR: a black metal band from Paris (France) was formed back in 1997 by Drakhian (BLACK DEMENTIA, FORNICATION, LOUDBLAST and session guitarist for TAAKE during their 2001 Unholy Metal Crusade tour in Germany), Hellskrim (Vocals), Maldoror (Drums) and Krakken (bass guitar).

In 2000, the band released it’s first demo tape called "Of Witches and Celts" which was self-produced and recorded at the MusicLive studios. This demo received a very good response from the underground scene due to the melodic, but yet aggressive music GRIFFAR provides. Distributors and magazines compared GRIFFAR to the Scandinavian scene and especially with bands such as DISSECTION. Thanks to GRIFFAR’s great amount of contacts, the band distributed more than 800 copies of it’s first demo-tape.

In 2002, the Greek label ISO666 offered GRIFFAR to re-issue "Of Witches and Celts" on CD; the album came out with a complete new layout at June. The first 1000 copies were sold quickly through many distributors worldwide, therefore ISO666 asked GRIFFAR’s permission to release another 1000 copies.

During 2005 Drakhian and Hellskrim decided to reactivate the band, after several years of silence, by recruiting Alsvid (ex-SETH, ENTHRONED, FORNICATION, CODE) on drums. GRIFFAR started to compose new songs and rehearse in Bordeaux with session musicians for upcoming concerts, including a performance at the third edition of the Black Metal is Rising festival.

In 2007, GRIFFAR recorded their first complete album “MONASTERY” at the Winterized Studios in Toulouse. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances, it took another 4 years to find a record company to release this album.

Now in 2011 GRIFFAR is very proud to finally announce the official release of this “MONASTERY” album with the help of NON SERVIAM RECORDS. The wait is over: fear the return of GRIFFAR’s majestic, intense and excellent atmospheric melodic black metal.


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