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Devils tail was founded spring 2020 consisting of Jimmy Nilsson (vocals) and Erik Bäck (guitars, bass, drums). It all started when Erik built his studio named ”Subhuman studios” and naturally started writing songs. Jimmy were in the band ”Total inferno” that was falling asleep at this time. So the timing for Jimmy and Erik to start something together was perfect! Jimmy has a past with bands such as Mordant and Total Inferno, and Erik has been in the band Shattered whom released an album in 2004 on Black Mark productions.


The music is best described as some sort of atmospheric and experimental black metal with a portion of Swedish folk-music and eeriness. This is music with no rules, we record what we feel like, and the biggest influences are nature, mythology and horror. Musically the influences are many, for example Emperor, Satyricon, Dark funeral, Enslaved but also music/bands like: Sixties funk, Queens of the stone age, A perfect circle.


Since Devils tail only has existed during the pandemic, it has been impossible for us to perform live, but the intention is to be able to play live, and we have people to join us live (except drummer atm) but the main core of Devils tail are Jimmy and Erik.


The first album is named ”Desolation” and was produced by Devils tail, and co produced by Heljarmadr who also did the mixing and mastering of Desolation, hopefully we’ll be able to work together with him in the future as well!


We have already come a long way in the process of album no 2, and with our collaboration with Non Serviam Records we’ll be able to release our music where it belongs, Devils tail has ”found it’s way home” so to speak.

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