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 Death Reich was formed in 2018 by Jonas Blom (Runemagick, ex Sacramentum, ex Trident, ex Grief of Emerald, ex One Man Army and the Undead Quartet, ....) who at first played the guitar together with Marcus Fors (Voodus, ex Vornth) on drums and Robert Axelsson (Grief of Emerald, ex Sacramentum, ex One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) on bass.

They later recruited Christer Bergqvist (Grief of Emerald, ex Sadistic Grimness, ex Auberon) on guitar and Johnny Lehto (Grief of Emerald, ex Decameron) on vocals.

Death Reich recorded a demo in 2018 with this setting that due to its unfulfilling result never saw the light of day.

Marcus decided to quit the band shortly after this recording.

The band had trouble finding a replacement so Jonas took it upon himself to play the drums. The band initially played American old school Scott Burns era Death Metal but changed direction to faster, straight forward and more Brutal Death Metal and started writing and rehearsing new songs.

A new guitar player was also needed and Robert Babic (ex Brutal Division, ex Vulcanic) was recruited. Two new songs were recorded 2019 "we are you" and "Domination". These songs can be found on YouTube but where never properly promoted.

Death Reich have officially released two EPs on digital platforms through Non Serviam Records, “Death Camp” (2021) and “The Final Plague” (2022).

Now the time has finaly come for the release of a full length album. Death Reich once again collaborates with Non Serviam Records and the album will be available on CD, LP and on digital platforms.

The new full length album is titled “Disharmony” and violently represents the darkest sides of the human race.


Jonas Blom - Drums

Johnny Lehto - Vocals

Christer Bergqvist - Guitars

Robert Babic - Guitars

Robert Axelsson - Bass

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