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Swedish black metal band Burning Darkness was founded in late 1999. In the demo years Burning Darkness frequented the underground venues of the greater Stockholm area and remains a tenacious live act to this day.

The band's past saw numerous shifts in sound and style within the black metal genre. This is attributed to the long cast of musicians who has been part of the lineup over the years. Drummer and founder Gérman Echiburu (Nazghor, Helvegen) has been the one constant throughout the band's career.

In 2014 the debut album The Angel of Light was recorded, although its release would not be until a couple of years later. The album saw the return of original vocalist Per Kolderup-Finstad (Circle of Chaos, Svartur Dödur), who had previously been apart of the band for the first couple of years. The Angel of Light was self released and got positive, yet limited feedback. The release remained quite obscure. Shortly after the release guitarist and main songwriter at the time, Joel Brink, decided to leave the band. Bass player Ghiaur (Vokodlok) shifted to the guitarist position alongside Daniel Wennersten (Hadriel). The band was joined by Severin Gottsén (Decadence) on bass. Daniel had written a couple of songs for the debut album. Now the two guitar players got started on writing music for the sophomore album.

Burning Darkness continued playing gigs around Sweden, mostly in Stockholm and also did a mini tour of Romania in 2019. After that is was time to record the second album.

Dödens Makt (The Power of Death) is a more varied and atmospheric recording than the raw and intense debut. Mixing both fast tempos and very heavy parts. Classic melodic tremolos and progressive elements. The lyrical themes of death and anti-christianity are kept from the previous album, but new themes such as horror and norse folklore are now present as well. The cover artwork depicting a demonic bat-like gargoyle is created by the masterful Łukasz Jaszak.

All hail the Chiropteran Demon!

For fans of: Mörk Gryning, Behemoth, Necrophobic, Shining
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