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Initially intended as a one-man-band by Naga S. Maelström in 2014 after writing the debut album “Souverain” and eventually transformed in a live band.

After the live debut on 2017 and the good reception, the band tours Spain initially and later, part of Europe joining forces with Marduk.

In 2018 Atrexial was invited to tour Japan joining Gorgoroth and Samael.

The next year the band takes part on the Winter edition of MetalDays Festival and the summer edition in addition to many other festivals in Europe.

In 2020, the second album “Gargantuan” is released harvesting great reviews during “The Great Pandemic” 

and keeps live performances on a high standard taking part on the most representative extreme metal festivals in Spain.

At present, Atrexial is ready to unveil its newest album “The Serpent Abomination” and already confirmed its

first tour in Mexico on 2024 and about to announce its first tour in the United Kingdom.

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