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AGAINST THE PLAGUES is a extreme metal act based in Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 2005 when two musicians from the black metal group Forest of Impaled - Varyen on drums and Adrian Adamus on guitar, decided to create their own project.

AGAINST THE PLAGUES Originally starting as a "project"and hired Swedish musician and producer Wojtek Lisicki (Lost Horizon,Luciferion) to help with arrangements and production of the first album. However, after a few months of cooperation the "project" turned in to a full time, active band with Lisicki becoming an original member and shortly before entering the studio, Orlando Logan Perez (ex VEX) joined the band as their singer and bassist to round out the lineup.

In 2007, the band signed distribution deals with Century Media Records in U.S. and Plastic Head in Europe to release their debut album "Architecture of Oppression".

AGAINST THE PLAGUES received outstanding reviews in popular metal magazines such as BW&BK , Metal Rules, Metal Hammer, Lords of Metal, Metal Maniacs and Masterful magazine. In 2010, AGAINST THE PLAGUES signed a deal with Dutch label - Vic Records. "Architecture of Oppression" was re-mixed and re-mastered by legendary producer Dan Swano (Katatonia/Marduk/Dark Funeral/Edge of Sanity) and released the album in Europe under the new title "Decoding the Mainframe".

Shortly after "Decoding the Mainframe" came out, guitarist Adrian Adamus left the band and was replaced by Marco Martell (ex Malevolent Creation).

Just short time later , in March 2010 , AGAINST THE PLAGUES released their first official video for the track "Great are the Eyed" which was shot in Miami, FL.

In late fall 2010 the band returned to the studio and recorded 4 new songs for a promo release called "The Quaternion" which was independently released on December 21st 2012.

AGAINST THE PLAGUES immediately hit the road in U.S. to promote "The Quaternion" in March 2013 with Milo Kovacevic (ex Kommandant/Ezurate) joined the band as the bass guitarist.

After a successful string of U.S. shows the band was building steam and needed a full time. active line-up. Shaun Albro (Ebonmortis/Apothecarrion/Throne of Sacrilege) took over as vocalist and Aaron Covarrubias (Ebonmortis) and Aaron Nobles (Overbeast/Delirium) became the band's guitarists.

AGAINST THE PLAGUES went on to perform throughout the U.S. and in April 2014 landed direct support for Nile. Summer of 2014, the band began writing new songs for the upcoming album and recorded a 2 song promotional EP titled "Extermination Event" at Belle City Sounds with producer Chris Wisco (Origin/Jungle Rot/Lazarus A.D.) and Mastered by Trevor Sadler of MasterM.I.N.D. Mastering (Madonna/Nine Inch Nails,Rush)in September of 2014. AGAINST THE PLAGUES filmed 2 videos for singles "TerrorForm" and "Enblightened" directed by Bradley Scott Cinematography. The video for "TerrorForm" was independently released January 11th 2015. The band signed a record deal with Dutch label Non Serviam Records, who will release the upcoming album in the winter of 2015/2016.

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