ZORNHEYM join forces with Non Serviam Records

ZORNHEYM join forces with Non Serviam Records for eagerly anticipated debut single, “The Opposed”.

Swedish extreme symphonic metallers Zornheym have inked a deal with the Dutch label Non Serviam Records.

The debut single, entitled “The Opposed”, will be released on the 19th of August through all digital platforms.

The single and the forth-coming album have been recorded and mastered by Sverker Widgren, a renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene (October Tide, Demonical, IXXI, Diabolical) with cover art created by the wildly talented photographer and designer Jens Rydén (Marduk, Thyrfing).

The single is part of Zornheym’s concept that revolves around the horrors of a mental institution and its inmates. Each song also has its own comic strip drawn by the amazing artist Anu Bring (Märvel, Evil-lÿn, Satan’s fall).

Comment by guitarist Zorn:

“We are absolutely stoked to be signing with Non Serviam Records. It’s a hard working label that shares our vision and together we will release this epic juggernaut the way it deserves to be released. We can’t wait to share this beast of an album with you all!”

Comment by Non Serviam Records CEO Ricardo Gelok:

“By hearing the first tones of Zornheym, I knew that this is a band that I would have to sign. Zornheym is an asset for the label, and it’s a real pleasure to work with this great, and hard-working band!”