Sweden’s death metallers DEATH REICH announce their debut album “Disharmony" and unleash the first single “Dissimulation”!

Sweden’s death metallers DEATH REICH announce their debut album “Disharmony" and unleash the first single “Dissimulation”!

“Disharmony" out on March 17th via Non Serviam Records

After releasing the well-received EP’s Death Camp” (2021) and “The Final Plague” (2022), Swedish death metallers DEATH REICH, founded by Jonas Blom (Runemagick, ex- Sacramentum, Trident, Grief Of Emerald and One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) in 2018, are finally ready to unleash their debut album “Disharmony" on March 17th 2023 via Non Serviam Records.

The effort violently represents the darkest sides of the human race.

Even though humans are considered the most intelligent species on earth by many, we have proven over and over again that we can’t coexist with anyone or anything without there being carnage, famine, eradication, suffering and so forth. As long as this continues there will always be disharmony”, explains the band.


Today as appetizer DEATH REICH unveils the first single “Dissimulation”, accompanied by a video.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/iBvzpxeSlys 

STREAM/PURCHASE THE SONG HERE: https://song.link/Dissimulation 

“‘Dissimulation’ is a song about opening your eyes to see that the world we live in is not a place where we struggle together to improve our lives and thrive. It’s rather a cold and wicked place where we do what we can to live up to the lies we are fed. Meanwhile disturbing acts of evil are committed all around us in a vile quest for power but we are too busy with living up to made up standards to truly commit to a change”, states the band about the song.


“Disharmony” will be available on CD, LP and digital.

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