In Reverence Signs at Non Serviam Records

Swedish atmospheric death metal band In Reverence have inked a deal with the Dutch label Non Serviam Records.
(The band members are also active in bands as: AVSLUT, Overtorture, Humanity's Last Breath)

The debut album entitled “The Selected Breed”, will be released May 26, as a physical release and through all digital platforms.

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios, a renowned veteran of sound engineering on the Scandinavian extreme metal scene (October Tide, Demonical, IXXI, DIABOLICAL, Wormwood, Zornheym - Official)

With cover art created by the wildly talented designer: Billy Lundevall.

“The Selected Breed” is a concept album that takes the listener through the different stages of the annihilation of the human race. It highlights the evil that corrupts everything living and that always survives into the next aeon to continue on the cycle of death and rejuvenation. Life always carries with it the seeds of its own destruction.

Comment by In Reverence:

"It is a great honor for all of us to have Non Serviam Records as our record label and to have someone like Ricardo behind this band. This brings out new possibilities for us and really helps us as a band to push and pursue our dreams. We both share a common interest and passion for brutal music that will unite us as a family."

Added by Non Serviam Records CEO Ricardo Gelok:

“By hearing the first tones of In Reverence, I knew that this is a band that I would have to sign. In Reverence is an asset for the label, and it’s a real pleasure to work with this great, and hard-working band!”