HLADOMRAK – sign with Non Serviam Records. New album "Archaic Sacrifice" out in September

Dutch extreme metal label Non Serviam Records proudly welcomes Swedish Black Metal horde HLADOMRAK to the family.

“We're honored to reveal the news about a collaboration with Non Serviam Records. An agreement has been reached to release our new album, ‘Archaic Sacrifice’, in September. For sure, it's a huge leap forward for this band in getting the opportunity of working with such a prominent label. We're also proud to share a roster with awesome bands like Nexorum, Perennial Isolation, Devilish Impressions and Keiser to name a few. Many thanks to Ricardo Gelok!", comments the band.


Non Serviam Records’ owner Ricardo Gelok enthuses: “It was with great pleasure listening to the promo of Hladomrak. We were blown away with the massive sound, and of course the drums of Nils ‘Dominator’ Fjellström. Add grasp vocals to it and you have a perfect balanced promo. We are proud we could sign Hladomrak to Non Serviam Records”.

Recently the band put the final touches to their third opus "Archaic Sacrifice" which will be released in September. "Archaic Sacrifice" is an epic journey across black metal with the band's very own, unique flare to it. 



Tour for Inner Death 2021, Eastern Europe, September 17-26.

Metal Fest 2021 (w/ ROTTING CHRIST, HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY) Jönköping, Sweden, October 8.


Evgenerator – guitars

Talon – vox

Dominator – drums *

Dipa – bass *

* Archaic Sacrifice line-up