Atrexial sings to Non Serviam Records

Spain’s black metal band ATREXIAL sign to Non Serviam Records and announce their upcoming studio album “The Serpent Abomination” on March 22nd 2024

 Today Non Serviam Records proudly announces the signing of Spanish black metallers ATREXIAL.

"We feel nothing but pride of signing to NSR as it means a big step forward to Atrexial in the journey of this project.

Joining forces with NSR elevates the band to a whole new level. We firmly believe "The Serpent Abomination" is a unique piece of work among modern Black Metal, born from the depths of human soul and it deserves a solid, well-respected and mighty platform, and that is exactly what we got.”, comments the band.  

 Ricardo Gelok, Non Serviam Records owner continues: "Sometimes a promo stands out of the dozen promo’s we receive. After receiving the promo of Atrexial, the first tunes told me this could be a gem. Before i noticed it was listening to the last song already...the music dragged me into the deeper rings of the netherworld

The Barcelona based outfit was founded by mastermind Naga S. Maleström in 2014. Their debut album "Souverain" was released in 2017, followed by "Gargantuan" 3 years later, getting great reviews during “The Great Pandemic”.

On March 22nd 2024 ATREXIAL will release their long-awaited new album “The Serpent Abomination”, which was Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerard Porqueres (Heartwork Recordings). The album artwork was created by Luciana Nedelea.

The band explores a modern perspective of Black Metal embracing darkness through razorblade melodies and sorrow atmospheres that entwine under mid-tempo and fast drumming beats crowned by a thunderous voice.

 Stay tuned for the first single and the pre-orders’ launch!


Naga S. Maelström - Songwriting, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Louen Walden - Guitar, Main Vocals

H.K. Belegurth - Bass, Backing Vocals

Yann - Drums

 ATREXIAL online: