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RAVEN THRONE formed in 2004 in Polotsk, Belarus. In the early years the band was influenced by Norwegian black metal classics. The first line-up consisted of Chernotur (aka Dzianis Lukianovich, Thy Wings) – guitar, Viacheslav Zabiran – bass/vocals, Gram – guitar. They played several local shows in 2004. Zabiran and Gram left the band the year later. War Head joined the band as a bass player in 2005. The main core of the band had been formed in the person of Chernotur and War Head since then. The main line-up exists at the present days. During 2005 and 2006 RAVEN THRONE was a studio project, until Ingwar Winterheart (aka Galdor) joined the band. The first records were made at that time.

After the completing the line-up with vocalist the band made some gigs in Vitebsk, Minsk and Polotsk. The band signed Gardarika Records in 2008 and the album «As a Shadow Through the Death» was released. The next records «Eternal, Dark» (2010) and «The Doctrine of Hatred» (2014) were released on Gardarika Records also. RAVEN THRONE had no drummer until 2011 and player under drum machine. Whilst the band has the vocalist, the main vocal parties on the records were made by War Head. Galdor didn’t participate on «Eternal, Dark» album recording sessions, although his picture is in the booklet. The second guitarist Ariec Voron joined the band in 2011 as a live musician. He never participated on any record of the band.

RAVEN THRONE became more active since 2014. They recruited Burglar as a live drummer (ex-Infestum, ex-Nightside Glance, etc.). Some gigs were played in Minsk clubs. The new drummer Green Skin joined the band in 2015. He went out on the road with the band in summer. The band played several shows on small and big festivals and in Minsk and Novopolotsk. The band shared the stage with VADER, GODS TOWER on “Kupalskaye Kola” festival in June 2015. The last show with Ingwar Winterheart on vocals and Ariec Voron as a guitarist took place in “Jack Club” in Minsk on November, 1, 2015. Raven Throne shared stage with PSYCHONAUT 4 (Georgia), WHITE DEATH, RIENAUS (both Finland), THOU SHELL OF DEATH (Estonia).

«By the Path of the Forgotten» album was released in 2016 on Possession Records. The record was made by Chernotur and War Head as usual. In April 2016 the new line-up was renewed. Zergved Hellersatan (ex-KAIRA) became new vocalist while the Chernotur the only guitarist left. The first gig with new vocalist had place on “Kupalskaye Kola 2016” festival. In addition to its own material, the band played a cover on Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Some gigs were played in Minsk clubs during 2016 and 2017. RAVEN THRONE supported ROTTING CHRIST on their Minsk gig during the world tour in December 2017.

In 2018 the band signed with Non Serviam Records label. The new album is coming up.


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